Global Consulting  

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    ITC offers the all-around service focusing on Business, Investment, Science and Education facing US firms doing business in China. ITC's mission is to create more opportunities such as Human Resource Exchange and Business Development both for US and Chinese companies via setting up cooperation with both governments.

What Services Can ITC Offer?

● Analyze Chinese Market's Requirement
● Corporation Register in China and related services
● International Exhibition Plan and related services
● Business Visit in China/Investment and Merchant
● Asian Market Development and Planning
● Overseas Merchant


Hot Services for Our Members
1. Interpreter: Guide with fluent English will accompany and give the professional interpretation

2. Account and Financial Management: International Investment, International Trade, Account Analysis, Account report form...

3. IT Helpdesk

4. Legal Aid: experienced professional lawyer will give you useful suggestions for your business...

5. International Meeting: make you participate in kinds of world-class exhibitions and help you open your own business exhibition

6. USA Corporation Register and related services: we are proficient in kinds of USA Corporation Register, applying international accounts, registering trade marks, opening a bank account; applying international publication marks secretary services, etc

7. Business Visit and short-term Training: On the basis of your own requirement and plan, we offer you the appropriate and comfortable business visit

Training Periods 2-6 Weeks
Course Settings:
1) Governmental Affair Training: Commonality Affair Training, City Development, City Environmental Protection, Commonality Administration (City Sanitation, City Security, City Planning)
2) Education Affair Training: International Language Translation, Educational Course Development, Special Educational Training
3) Business Affair Training...

8. Chinese Business Visit Visa Program...