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Total IT Solutions: ITC provides you with efficient, reliable and cost effective solutions to meet all your IT needs.  Whatever your IT needs, ITC is the source.  ITC provides experienced and professional consultants on the cutting edge of today’s IT fields.  ITC consultants give you solutions that enable you to capitalize on e-commerce and optimize productivity with your web site.  ITC also designs and tunes high-performance databases. 

ITC designs, develops and supports client server applications and various network solutions.  ITC provides training for individuals and corporate IT staff.  ITC has one of the strongest and most diverse IT outsourcing capabilities in the United States.  It is the source of programmers used by brokers.  ITC’s consulting and software development services, comprehensive ERP/SAP services and ISP services, and customized corporate IT training make the company a true, one stop solutions provider.  By outsourcing your IT requirements to ITC, you can reduce and control operating cost with prices that are 40 percent less than broker fees.  Get your solutions developed and implemented in a fraction of the time with ITC’s rapid application development strategies.  With ITC, your company can focus on its core objectives.

Our clients and end-users include Fortune 500 companies in financial services, telecommunications, apparel, and industries such as IBM, Motorola, and 3Com, Intel, AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Dow Jones and UPS.

ProductsITC gives you the competitive edge

The US Department of Commerce data predicts that B2B e-commerce alone will top $5.7 trillion by the end of 2004.  That’s about 30 percent of the dollar value of all commercial transactions.

In order to compete, companies today need to conduct business more efficiently and respond rapidly to a changing environment.  In order to be competitive today, companies require specialized software, a facilitating website, and effective use of the Internet for e-commerce.

ITC is an expert at designing, creating and training you on these tools.  To create and implement the solutions for your company needs, we offer both in-house development services, with project pricing, and consulting services.


·            ERP: SAP, PeopleSoft

·            Web Development:  Java, EJB, ASP, XML, HTML, VB

·            Client Server:  C/C++, VB, VC++

·            RDBMS:  Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, DB2

·            OS Platforms:  UNIX, Windows

ITC can help you achieve goals in:


·            E-Commerce

·            E-Business

·            Client-Server Programming

·            Database Modeling

·            Website Development


·            IT Assessments

·            Quality Control Measures based on SEI, CMM, and ISO standards.

·            Project Management and Methodologies based on PMI and MSF standards.

·            Statements of work that indicate functionality, ER-diagrams, work-flows that are truly detailed.


The IT solutions provided to our customers are testimonies to ITC’s capabilities and expertise.  Some of our completed projects include:

Networking Engineering Associates -- End-to-End Networking Solutions

·           A project for The Health Department

·            Department of Labor:  A Database Management, and System Administration Project involved conversion of data from DB2 to Oracle and we were also involved in Networking and System Administration in Unix as well as Windows NT platforms.

·            Bank of Taipei:  A real-time online insurance quote system using SWIFT money management system.  This bank is based in the World Trade Center down town Manhattan, complete system integration, design implementation and Network installation was performed by ITC.

·            MetLife, INC:  A supply chain software simulation.

·            Federal Department of Commerce:  This project involved system administration and Network integration.  Networking Technologies such as Novell, Unix, Windows NT and Cisco were used to develop and maintain this environment.

·            A.I.G.:  Completed an A System Integration and Networking project maintained

30 users at their MIS department, maintained Lotus Notes for the company’s mail and Exchange purposes also involved in conversion of data from the legacy mainframes to Client Server Environments.

·            Unified Courts Systems:  “A web based project” where the most recent web technologies were used to create this web based application which was able to receive information online and be able to process data online:  HTLM, VISUAL INTERDEVE, PHOTOSHOP, MACROMEDIA FLSH, DHTML, FIREWORKS, etc. were used for front end, Oracle database was used as the database, and the middleware interactive layer developed by using ASP, JAVASCRIPT, JAVA, XML, XCL, UML and IIS was used as the Internet Information Server.

Software Consulting:

Maximize IT expertise; minimize expense, ITC

Today’s businesses are forced to “do more with less” – and the IT arena is certainly no exception.  How can your business access the cutting edge IT expertise you need to succeed, while maintaining cost-efficiency?

ITC searches the globe for top-notch professionals and cost-effectively delivers to your business-experienced individuals who possess the right qualifications, real time project, international experience and analytical and interpersonal skills.

IT Solutions from a single source

ITC’s consulting services can help your business maximize the benefits of today’s advanced technologies.  Our consultants work with you to:

(1)   Analyze and address your IT needs.

(2)   Design and implement any application software.

(3)   Fine-tune and maintain your network database.

(4)   Develop and execute your e-commerce strategies.

Business-savvy, cutting-edge IT consultants

ITC’s team of highly skilled and experienced consultants understands the latest technologies and today’s competitive business environment.  So they know what it takes to effectively integrate cutting-edge IT solutions into your business, your organizational structure and your budget.

Bottom Line Benefits- Guaranteed!

ITC’s talented IT professionals are simple and cost-effective and available to work at your location or from our state-of-the-art facilities.  Our consultants are:

(1)     A cost-effective alternative to bringing IT resources in-house

(2)     Available at less than standard industry consulting rates.

(3)     Guaranteed to reduce your companies programming cost.

Let ITC show you how its full range of IT consulting services can improve your business and increase productivity.

Corporate IT Training:

Ensures user productivity with ITC

ITC offers three types of training to allow users to become proficient with a range of software programs:

Customized Corporate Software; Standard Certification, Regular Software Tracks.

Customized Corporate Software Training

Depending on training that’s tailored to your company’s specific needs.

ITC creates special training to support ITC-developed solutions or applications.

A requirement analysis ensures that courses meet specific user needs.  The training includes users’ real-time data, so users return to work fully prepared to perform their job duties and IT related tasks.

Standard Certification

We develop and verify user proficiency with training on a wide range of programs from such major IT partners as Microsoft, Lotus, Oracle and Sun.

ITC Standard Certification Training includes:

·            MCSE, MCSD and SQL Server Administration

·            Notes and Dominos

·            Developer, Master And Oracle Administration

·            Java Certification and UNIX Administration

ITC is also approved by Sylvan Testing

Regular Software Tracks:

Rely on training that facilitates user productivity on a variety of “off-the-shelf programs”.  Choose from ready-to-schedule classes on:

E-Commerce, Web development, and project management; Desktop applications such as MS Office Products, Corel Draw and QuickBooks.

Let ITC show you how its IT corporate training and expertise can empower employees to use customized and standard software productively and efficiently.

Our Mission:

ITC’s mission is to empower organizations by working with clients to meet their IT needs efficiently and cost-effectively.  To this end, ITC will work harmoniously with clients to diligently match their technical requirements with the right staff and services.

Our Vision:

ITC’s vision is to become a leading, nationally recognized ‘One Stop IT Solutions’ corporation, and a benchmark for highly skilled technical staff and services.  ITC will achieve its goal by inculcating in every ITC employee an uncompromising attitude towards maintaining the highest quality standards and total client satisfaction.

“Tomorrow belongs to those who have vision today”

Our near-term goal

ITC’s goal is to become one of the top few leaders in the IT solutions industry and live up to its reputation as an “One Stop Solutions” company that pledges complete client satisfaction, and dedicates to keep that promise.