Quality Control

    Infoserve Technologies Corporation sees quality and data accuracy as being of great importance. We guarantee our clients the highest level of accuracy to 99.998%. We do this by maintaining stringent checks on client data at all times during the keying process. These checks form part of a company-wide standard operating procedure, which is always followed. As a result, Infoserve Technologies Corporation is able to achieve and maintain a higher accuracy rate on single key entry work than many accomplish with double key entry. In the area of quality control, we have specific edits and validation tables that are customized by our experienced programmers for each job. Simply put, validation routines are algorithms that examine ICR results for reasonableness against predetermined standards.   




     We have three basic types of validation routines:
     1. Table look-up: one or more fields are validated against a database. If there is an exact match the odds are good  that the data is correct since it proved to be congruent with a set of known quantities.

     2. Data/Range checks: the field or character information is compared with a model to see that it conforms to a  specific type, such as a specific alphanumeric sequence or date, such as the date of purchase on a bill of sale used to support a title guarantee application. A validation routine might also check to see that a number is within a specific range or contains a certain number of digits.

     3. Relationship validation: when a column of numbers totals correctly. If there is a match on the total, then the probability is extremely high that all the numbers are correct. All data fields are systematically analyzed to ensure data validity and integrity. Among the variables that the quality control system check: Field Length, Data Type, Relational Data Integrity, Valid Codes, Applicable Abbreviations, and when applicable, Mandatory Fields, & Sequential Numbering.

      All processing is overseen by experienced on premises managers. They are responsible for the final quality assurance of data. Special quality control checks designed specifically for each project are utilized in addition to the quality control procedures that are in place during processing. These supplemental checks, coupled with professional account management, further ensure data integrity, quality, accuracy and dependability.

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