PDF Creation and Indexing
         Are you getting tired of the boxes and boxes of documents? Or, digging through that old file cabinet for that one document you need right now?
         Infoserve Technologies Corporation can help out to give you one of the most efficient methods available for handling large quantities of documents. The use of Indexed PDF files has been growing in popularity over the past few years and clients, who use them, love them. You get to remove those boxes from the hallway and eliminate the rental expense of the storage units. PDF Conversion is one of our core expertises. Given below are the most common PDF outputs: PDF Normal (Fully text searchable with image & graphics) PDF Image + Text (OCR'd text embedded over original image). The output will have full text search ability though accuracy will be input image dependent. We also find requirements wherein Clients prefer parsed 99.995% accurate text embedded on image. PDF Forms - Blank PDF forms - Widely used on web.
      The Process:
1) You provide your documents to Infoserve Technologies Corporation.
2) We scan your documents and convert them into PDF file format.
3) If you desire, we can perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functions on the files to convert them from graphical format to text format which can be searched.
4) If desired, we provide an indexing methodology to allow you to find your PDF filed by such things as date, client, category, and file number, etc.
5) We deliver back to you on CD-ROM the completed files eliminating your need for ongoing storage.
6) If desired, we can have documents disposed of through a secure shredding company.
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