Medical/Dental Processing & Medical/Legal/Academic   Transcription
    Medical/Dental Processing
    With experience in data processing, we are now offering high volume forms processing solutions. We process both the structured and non-structured forms. The structured forms which are usually in tabular / columnar format are easily processed. Where as non-structured forms are questionnaires or survey forms which are also processed thorough sophisticated tools and manual entry.

    ITC processes HCFA 1500, UB92 & ADA forms daily by scanning/imaging these documents or accepting them from our clients via ftp and either OCR or manual double key & verify process. The use of our key-from image technology will allow us to route non-readable (OCR) forms to this system where we will double key from images any unrecognized data. The output data is formatted as electronic claims which are transmitted to our clients in an ASCII comma delimited, flat ASCII, 837 X12 or NSF format (or any other format they might require) for processing.

    We can process individual HCFA and institutional UB92 claims as well as dental claims. In the mailroom, the claims get opened, removed from their envelopes and sorted into separate piles: single sheet claims, multiple sheet claims, HCFA's, UB92's, Dental Claims, and miscellaneous other sheets which cannot be processed and quality level of each form. We will not process a document which does not contain a claim form, therefore, any claim or correspondence, whether single or multi-sheet must always contain a claim form.


    Medical/Legal/Academic Transcription

    The need for various transcription services - like medical transcription, legal transcription, and voice transcription - is on the rise. From individuals with a one time requirement to medical practices and non medical companies which require transcription services on a regular basis, Infoserve Technologies Corporation caters to all your transcription services needs. Our team of qualified transcription service providers works closely with you - to understand all the aspects that you want transcribed in terms of details and formatting.

    We use state of the art technology to ensure consistently high quality of our transcription services. Infoserve Technologies Corporation Services provides transcription services in a variety of audio and video output formats - providing you with a high degree of flexibility. We provide complete range of English language based voice transcription services from audio, video and online voice files (including .MP3, .DSS and .WAV files).

    Medical Transcription Services
         The legal and economical stipulations of many companies necessitate the use of outsource medical transcription services. Many medical professionals do not have the time or the expertise needed to complete the task of patient information management system. They use medical transcription services to complete the job.
    Legal Transcription

    For lawyers, attorneys, professionals, et al who cannot afford to loose their precious time, outsourcing legal transcription services is the best alternative. Outsourcing legal transcription services helps improve focus on core competency and enhances productivity.   

    Infoserve Technologies Corporation, a multifaceted company that provides data entry services, transcription services (medical transcription, voice transcription, legal transcription), outsourcing services, is your best bet for offshore legal transcription services that is as reliable as its name.

    We undertake legal transcription services in the following fields:
    - General correspondence and letters Legal pleadings and interrogations Subpoenas Briefs and any other legal transcription services.
    - Our edge lies in the use of state of the art legal transcription software coupled with educated transcriptionists.

    We accept legal transcription jobs in any format - either print media, or through voice media. We impart intensive training to our transcriptionists so as to reduce errors. We undertake random auditing to check the consistency of our legal transcription - resulting in an accuracy that will surpass your expectations.

Form Processing

Form Processing is a process that converts all kinds of forms to a range of output formats including TXT, PDF, DOC, TIF, XML, HTML and many more. All forms including paper, electronic or any other image formats can be processed accurately and timely accessible with high-level security. Health Insurance, Bill of lading, Surveys and Applications are the main forms that Master Data process every day.


Two kinds of Form Processing are online projects and offline projects.

Online Projects-- Clients provide project rules and data entry tools (Citrix or others). Operators enter data directly online, and QC by clients themselves. The images are in clients' server, and the result is saved into clients' server directly.

Offline Projects-- Clients provide business rule and all images and we divide them into batches. We develop our own software to do data entry, QC, and return the result file in the desired client format. The images are in local server, the result is saved into clients' server directly, and information is marked on the images and returned back to clients.

Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)

Health Insurance Form

For Health On insurance forms, physicians' procedure codes instead of much valuable information are listed. Insurance agencies need all the information to compare and analyze what kind of services is most needed by consumers so that they will get to be the first into market and gain the edge. It is difficult for clients to select the wanted information one by one. We can do it. We set up the database, catalogue the information, and then pack up everything that clients need using certain working procedures with tools and software developed either by clients or by ourselves. As a result, what clients need will be placed organized and clear at a glance.

1. Add task

Receive clients' original product material by FTP, including images and audit reports. Operators use QC software, following a certain path, to add the task to the working plans.

2. Presort

It is the preparing work of data entry. According to different projects rules, order and make sure form types by following certain standards, then assign batches to groups in order to make data entry easy.

3. Verify Presort

We can verify presort according to the project requests. Presort check, actually the second -time presort is the quality control measure for wrong order records or some other mistakes, to make sure the validity of presort.

4. Entry Data

Operators enter data from presorted images, according to project and images' type and entry-rules. Usually they entry data twice. Sometimes, more times is needed to insure the high precision and accuracy.

5. Verify Entry

After twice (or more times) entry, the results in database are checked under QC software. Ignore the same twice (or more times) entry data and choose the different data to verify and confirm the right data.

6. Export

After verify, export operators use QC software to export the result files of the whole task. QC software check the validity of the result data in database, and export the result files (including TXT, XML, DOC, EXCEL, etc) and reports.

7. Independent Quality Control

The quality control operators use check methods and test processes, which are different from Production Department, to do sampling check and standard test with the data productions.

8. Remit

The pass-check data productions are sent to the customers via FTP, Internet or other services. We provide encryption techniques to insure privacy and security.

9. Backup & Statistic

QC software provides statistics of daily production. Also a system backup is performed weekly and data backups performed daily.

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