Data Risk Management


          Your business processes are only as good as the data that drives them. To succeed, everyone in your organization needs timely, reliable information. Our data risk management service enables you to do data management, risk analysis, risk reporting.
  • Data Management -- consolidate, centralize, synchronize, and manage your data
  • Risk Analysis -- analyze and explore your data in order to compute risk measures
  • Risk Reporting -- effectively communicate risk measures

     Most of the data companies generate—more than 80 percent, according to experts—won’t fit into the neat-and-tidy cells of a traditional relational database. Getting a handle on large size of data has suddenly become a front-burner issue. Just about every company is coping with an explosion of documents, PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets, PDFs, JPEGs, and MPEGs and a constant stream of e-mail messages. Data Management comprises all the disciplines related to managing data as a valuable resource, including acquisition, database administration, storage, backup, security and quality assurance.

     Risk Analysis is the process of planning, leading, and controlling the resources and activities of an organization in order to mitigate its risk of loss effectively. The key to a good risk analysis program is to balance the risk of loss from unexpected causes against the economic cost of protection. Data risk analysis can analyze and explore your data in order to compute risk measures.

     Through data risk reporting service, you can clearly realize the different data risks and data risk measures. With detail data risk report, your business can mitigate its risk of loss effectively and balance the risk of data loss.   




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