Data Recovery


          Digital data is not just data any more. In today’s environment, it is often your entire business. Your data is always vulnerable and any one of the following can cause the data to get lost or corrupted:
  • Computer Viruses and Worm Damage
  • Hardware failure due to power surge or any other external forces
  • Corrupt or missing critical file system structures
  • Partitioning, formatting or boot-up problems
  • System Malfunction
  • Software/Application Failure
  • Hardware Failure
  • Natural Disaster
  • Human Error

Our professionals pair broad functional capabilities with deep industry expertise and business acumen to offer the following data recovery service.

· Desktop Hard Drive Recovery
· Notebook Drive Recovery
· Server Drive Recovery
· Network Storage Drive Recovery
· File Recovery


Our Data Recovery Process:

We have put together a process from our years of experience in handling situations like yours for thousands of customers. When your defective device or media arrives at our labs, we follow a process to guarantee best recovery of data.

Initial Evaluation

      As soon as we receive your defective unit at our facility, we will evaluate the data loss situation. Our technicians will assess the extent of data loss and confirm the same. In the process the information provided by you in the preliminary assessment / shipping form helps our evaluation process.

Initiating Assessment of the Problem

At this stage, we will first whether the defective piece could be operable to some degree. If operable, we will try to transfer as much data from this unit to a shop media. All future work will be performed on the shop media. Assessments are made to understand if the nature of malfunction is caused by physical damage – either electrical or mechanical, or if it is related to logical corruption that has developed in the file system.

Recovering the lost data

     At this stage we will perform the process of recovering your data in as complete a manner as possible. This is usually an iterative process and would vary depending on the extent and cause of data loss. We will recover data according to the priorities you have indicated. We maintain a full documentation of the process and you can always contact us for updates and monitor progress on your case. We maintain strict data confidentiality and can also sign non-disclosure agreements if needed.

Returning your lost data

     After the recovery process is completed, we will generate a file / directory list of the recovered data and email it to you for verification. We will then hand it over to you in a format/media of your choice. Usually we store the data on a hard disk drive, DVD, or CD-R based on the size of the recovered data and return the same along with the original device to you. Or the data could also be available through FTP. In cases where you have specific instructions, we will process requests at additional costs as may be applicable. Shipping costs will also be additional.





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