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      Infoserve Technologies Corporation is a small minority-owned business. We have been in existence over ten years and have been established as a company specializing in many areas of IT field. Regarding to data entry services, Infoserve provides the support that you need in creating fast, high-quality and cost-effective documents. We are your partners/IT Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year making the document creation process easy for you. With an eye for quality, responsiveness, cost and security, we guarantee the service excellence for you.

  Service Capabilities:


      As an approved authorized Microsoft solution Provider, and long-term Novell, Windows NT network specialist, we have developed a client-server based LAN/WAN network to serve our customers. We provide enhanced technical support and services. With our strong technical team, we are able to serve our clients within hours of receiving any service requests.

       Infoserve Technologies Corp. has provided data entry, data conversion, and data processing services for our customers since the company was established in 1993. Over the years, Infoserve Technologies Corp. has developed a carefully devised routine and time frame to provide our service. Emphasizing the importance of accurate and timely results, our data scanning system is able to correctly scan and process large volumes of data. Using the most up-to-date equipment and well-trained staff ensures that our clients will gain the benefit of the best resources available. Once scanned, the documents are reproduced and verified onto a computer disk, CD-ROM or as a hardcopy report, according to the client's needs. The major advantage of this system is that a verifying process takes place to check any abnormalities. We have an accuracy rate of 99.998 percent on marked sense (filled in boxes) forms. Security of data is maximized because it is scanned and captured onto the required output in one application. Unrecognized characters are edited during processing to increase the accuracy of the output data. This makes the system at least 30 percent more efficient than hand-keyed data, saving valuable time and money. We will also perform a weekly random verification that matches 10 percent of the electronic files against the original files. This will further ensure the accuracy and completeness of the electronic files. Our proprietary software will perform quality control.

    Our software ensures the correspondence between the quantity of electronic files and of physical files. Therefore if any files are missing, our workers will be notified immediately. We will also perform manual quality checks to ensure the integrity of the scanned files.


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